“Feminism is about giving women choice”: Emma Watson


Emma Watson and a British broadcaster are on opposite sides of that debate after Watson – a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador – posed in a white, ropy Burberry top that revealed much of her breasts.

Watson has now hit back at the ‘confusing’ rhetoric, saying the whole point feminism is about ‘choice’   Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/05/confused-emma-watson-responds-to-criticism-over-her-topless-vanity-fair-shoot-6489222/#ixzz4asnQIoNR
Emma Watson says her Vanity Fair cover shoot was her own ‘choice’ (Picture: Tim Walker/Vanity Fair) 

Emma Watson responds to critics of a photo that appeared in Vanity Fair.

Emma Watson Vanity Fair – Twitter

What does Gloria Steinem, arguably the most high-profile feminist, think about this controversy?
Steinem laughed at the notion that Watson was a “bad feminist” because she appeared in a revealing photo.
“Feminists can wear anything they f****** want,” Steinem told TMZ:Emma Watson doesn’t need a bra to be a real feminist”, “They should be able to walk down the street nude and be safe.”



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